Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen’s words resonated with me and made me think of John Candy in the movie Cool Runnings when he told the Olympic Captain of the Bobsled team, "If you are not enough without the Gold Medal, you will never be enough with it." It seems as if Gretchen's experiences taught her this vital lesson at a very opportune time in her life.
As an athlete, Gretchen has seen tremendous improvements in her performance due to Z-Health"I can't believe I have gone this far without Z-Health in my life, it seems like it should be the foundation of what everyone in the world should be doing before everything else. Why go lift 200lbs at the gym if you can't walk properly before that? Z-Health training is helping get my body back into the right place and feel good and prepared before I throw myself upside down in a half pipe. Things are getting easier, more connected, and more balanced then ever before — and I know it is because of all the exercises I have been doing. Every time I come in I have been blown away by the results I get. I am just getting started, but I am seeing such great results that are giving me the timing, balance, and connectedness on the mountain."
In addition to her tremendous athletic achievements, I also learned that Gretchen is a successful businesswoman off the mountain as well. She has a Signature Collection with Oakley, a Signature Snowboard with K2, co-founded Mission Skincare and has a Signature Lip Balm, and has helped create an event The Aspen/Snowmass CoverGirl Snow Angels Invitational. The Invitational has a very progressive format, hosting all the best half pipe female riders in the world, and is designed to bring attention and awareness to the environment, women's snowboarding events, and the difference we can all make. It is a weekend with a holistic component of health, education, yoga workshops, facials, fun, and much more — all for the purpose of making a difference.

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